For the painter Pēteris Postažas - 80

On February 24, the 80th birthday of the painter Pēteris Postažas. As an child, the artist has lived in Jaungulbene for some time, attended Gulbītis School.

“I liked the park of Jaungulbene Castle with its trees and bushes. There was also a lot of free time there. It was also my source of artistic initiative. I didn't know anything about the techniques. With the thick color of the water and the wooden dowel, as the bristles of the brush wear out quickly, the views of the park were painted on the white paperboard of Ranka. ” / P.Postažs. Talk to yourself. (2009) /

In Jaungulbene, P. Postažs got acquainted with the sculptor Indulis Ranka, who was already a student of the Academy of Arts at that time. He was the first professional art teacher and recommended studying at the Riga J.Rozentāls Art High School.

The painter P. Postažs has donated paintings dedicated to the Bible to the church of Velāne.

Pictures: photo from; painting “Saint Voldemar”, 2004, canvas, oil / from P.Postažs. Talk to yourself. (2009) /