E-resources for solving legal issues

Everyone has situations in their lives when they need legal help, they need information on how to act in different situations. A good helper is various legal information portals, where information is available free of charge; all you need is a computer or other mobile device with an internet connection.

Introducing more valuable resources.

The official publication of the Republic of Latvia “Latvijas Vēstnesis” publishes:

  • external regulatory enactments and other legal acts;
    the binding regulations of local governments to the extent specified in the Law “On Local Governments”;
    Information of general interest to the President, the Speaker of the Saeima and the Prime Minister;
  • official announcements (competition information, inheritance information, commercial register information, political party register information, auctions, etc.).

It is possible to search for the required document by heading, official publication number, calendar, type of official notice, etc.).

Latvijas Vēstnesis also publishes the magazine Jurista Vārds, which is available in both printed and electronic versions. The magazine contains articles on current problems of the Latvian legal system, which are analyzed and explained by legal scholars, practicing lawyers, legal policy makers from the legislator, public administration, and local governments.

The portal has both a paid (electronic version of the magazine and archive) and a free section (news. Thinker, video). The information gathered in the journal will be especially useful for students.

In co-operation with specialists of public administration and the judiciary, as well as individual practicing lawyers, the editorial board of the LV portal prepares answers to e-consultations sent by the population on the rights and obligations of a person in specific situations.

Information submitted by state institutions, institutions, local governments and non-governmental organizations is available together on the LV portal.

The content of the LV portal is systematized. In a user-friendly way, all available information is organized by more than 80 topics and 200 thematic keywords.

Various content formats are included here: text, video, infograms. All information is organized in 6 chapters: EXPLANATIONS (explanations of political processes and current legislation), DEVELOPMENTS (descriptions of current events), OPINIONS (interviews with personalities, comments), AGENDA (press releases), COURTS (practical and useful information about courts, lawyers) , justice system), E-CONSULTATION (questions submitted by users and answers prepared by the portal), ARCHIVE (publications from 2008 included).

The LV portal archive offers various search tools. Content and services are available to users free of charge.

The website, maintained and developed by the official publisher "Latvijas Vēstnesis", provides the latest information on legal acts and their changes.

  • Likumi.lv is a website of legal acts, which provides free access to the legal acts of the Republic of Latvia. The legislation is supplemented by the latest amendments, they are available in the current version. In addition, access to the "historical" and "future" versions of the legislation is provided.
  • Legislation indicates the status of its validity. A table of contents is also added.
  • The site has a wide selection of legislation - advanced search, quick search, lists of legislation by type (chronological and alphabetical), topics and number of views.
  • Additional options are offered to authorized users (create their own lists of legal acts, add comments to legal acts, receive notifications of changes in specific legal acts (new amendment, changed status, issued on the basis of a legal act).

From 1 July 2020, administrative offenses and the penalties applicable to them will be included in the legislation. The GUIDE TO ADMINISTRATIVE RESPONSIBILITY has been created on the website likumi.lv, which can be a useful digital assistant for both penitentiaries and any citizen who will face an administrative violation after July 1.

About how laws are passed, what bills are discussed in the Cabinet of Ministers, how the Cabinet of Ministers works, what the State Chancellery does, how the public can get involved in passing laws - you can find out all about it by visiting the Cabinet of Ministers website //mk.gov.lv.

On this portal - all current information about courts, court proceedings, court rulings, e-services, regulatory enactments.

Vija Tashina,
Gulbene County Library