Nordic Literature Week in Gulbene district libraries

During the darkest time of the year, several thousand public and school libraries in the Nordic and Baltic countries light candles and read a co-selected book at the same time. The main task of the week is to get acquainted with Nordic literature and culture.

This year, the theme of Nordic Library Week was "Feast in the North", which took place from 11 to 17 November. The holiday gives structure to the everyday, is repeated at regular intervals and highlights important life events, so the holiday motif is often repeated in literature. Because who doesn't want to read a well-written depiction about a holiday, a wonderful party table, about an atmosphere full of hope and joy?

The youngest readers were invited to flip through Astrida Lindgren's "Pepi's Garage" and visit Pepia's birthday party in the mansion "Chicken's Foot". The teenagers read an excerpt from the Norwegian writer Justin Gorder's book "Sofia's World" and took part in Sofia's 15th birthday philosophical garden festival, which will offer coffee, social conversation and a bit of surrealism. Adults were invited to remember the novel Bebet's Feast by the Danish writer Karen Blixsen.

The events were organized both in libraries and the librarians visited the youngest readers in kindergartens. Dauksti Parish Librarian Kristīne visited the social care center "Dzērves" with readings by Nordic authors.

During the week, morning readings were held for younger children, Pepy's birthday was celebrated, of course, with serious preparations in advance - invitations were sent, ball hats were made. Librarians had prepared crossword puzzles and quizzes about the Nordic countries. And nowhere without gifts, do you know what jumping flowers are? The holiday really needs to be celebrated, as Carlson would say, "As the saying goes, lead every day"!

Many thanks to the libraries of Beļava, Dauksti, Galgauskas, Lejasciems, Litene, Lizuma, Ranka, Stāķi, Stari, Tirza for organizing events!

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Indra Logina
Gulbene County Library