Gulbene district library "LAMPĀ"

This year, the LAMPA talk festival was special for the staff of the Gulbene district library. Along with the association “Dēms” and Gulbene municipality, the library was also actively involved in the process of organizing and implementing the tent “Dzīve 50+”.

The ultimate goal of setting up the Life 50+ tent was to inspire society, institutions, organizations, the availability and diversity of non-formal education, and the modern and effective ways in which the middle and older generations can be involved in the daily lives of local communities.

Antra Sprudzāne, the director of the Gulbene Regional Library, took part in the conversation "Do you want to change with the world?" She emphasized the importance of providing support and respect to each of them in a team of different generations. Along with Anta, psychotherapist Māris Siliņš, editor-in-chief of “Mājas Viesis” Dace Terzena and a volunteer who sews costumes for the theater, Inese Buliņa, took part in the conversation.

During the talks festival, visitors were delighted with the true age test, talks about late love, effective learning principles, sensible health, good work lottery, gymnastics, Nordic walking, playing UNO card games, singing with Inta Teterovski and the choir "Voices" in a changing world, as well as experience stories about the work of senior volunteers in Gulbene region.

The findings after the festival are quite a lot and each has its own. Age will happen to each of us. Everything is in attitude and perception! And maybe it's really worth being modest in your wealth !? Thank you to the association "Dēms" for taking great care and to the support of Gulbene municipality.