Exploratory expedition in Litene parish

Continuing to get to know the region and identify the cultural and historical heritage, the Gulbene Regional Library in cooperation with the libraries of Druviena, Galgauskas and Litene parishes organized three expeditions this spring within the framework of the project “Cognitive Expeditions in Gulbene Region”. In April we went to study the cultural and historical heritage in Druviena parish, in May - in Galgauskas parish, while the third expedition, which took place on June 13, took us to Liteni. 25 participants took part in this expedition.

The expedition started at the memorial site of the Army of the Republic of Latvia "Wall of Pain", dedicated to the killed and tortured officers of the Latvian Army. Next we went to the center of Litene, where we inspected and got acquainted with the buildings of the Litene manor complex. The historical buildings are surviving their second life today: in the former barn there is a folk house, in the laundry building - a gym, in the conservatory - a parish library and a family doctor's practice, several manor houses adapted for apartments. During the expedition, many interesting and as yet unknown facts about the history of their parish were revealed to the Lithuanians themselves. After visiting the manor complex, having a little rest on the green promenade, we went through the park to the next object - the iron bridge. Railway traffic to Litene was stopped in 2001.

Listening to the inexhaustible stories of Jānis Zvaigznes, the author of several books about Liteni and the director of several Litene schools, we arrived at the place where the 20th century. In the 1920s and 1930s, the Latvian Army summer camp was located. The construction of the summer camp complex began in 1935. Initially, the soldiers lived in tents, later wooden barracks were built on concrete foundations. In the memory of the people, the name of the camp is associated with the harsh events of 1941. For the eighth year in a row, two days before the June 14 memorial event, a camp for young guards and cadets is being held. After listening to the stories about the camp, treating ourselves to cold soup and delicious patties, we went on - to see the memorial cross, which was installed on the site of the former sauna. At the end of the expedition, we went to see the Jewish cemeteries along the forest path. According to the preserved evidence, around 200 people were brutally shot in Litene. The 20th century is nearby. A monument erected by unknown hands in the 1990s: a boulder with a carved Latvian cross.

Thanks to Jānis Zvaigznes for the interesting stories and endurance, as well as to the representative of the 25th HP Infantry Battalion for the attractive story at the Latvian Army camp. Thank you to all the participants, especially those who took part in all three expeditions!

The project “Cognitive Expeditions in Gulbene Region” is supported by VKKF.

Photos from the event can be viewed HERE .