Seminar "Debate Culture" is taking place

On April 1, in the interactive seminar “Debate Culture” , 10th and 11th grade students and other interested people met to gain knowledge and practical skills on useful and topical topics - argumentation and public speaking . In order to get closer to the target audience - students, Gulbene County Library left its premises and organized a seminar at Gulbene County State Gymnasium.

Lecturer at the seminar, "QUO do you think?" Representative Edgars Klētnieks, invited the participants to use the APES argument-making model at work, school and in life, which can be useful both in writing essays and ZPD, and in representing their views in some serious discussions. A useful topic that was discussed was the rejection of arguments - what is a weak argument and what is a strong argument. The participants of the seminar could also use the newly acquired knowledge in practice, creating their own arguments and looking for refutations of others' arguments.

The second part of the seminar was dedicated to the topic of public speaking, which turned out to be an adventure and a challenge for each participant.

"Only open gestures! Every listener must look into their eyes! Don't stick your head out! "These were just some of the instructions that participants had to follow when speaking in public.

According to the participants of the seminar, the obtained information and practical skills will be useful and practically applicable both in everyday life, at school and in the course of work. Thanks to the lecturer for the theoretical and practical knowledge, each of whom individually took what is most needed now.

Continuing the topic of the debate, we invite everyone interested on April 8 at 13.30 to gather at Gulbene County State Gymnasium in the interactive seminar “Logic Error Workshop and Starting a Debate Movement in Gulbene County” . Prior application: 26198916, 64474825 or

See you!

The adult non-formal education program “Media Literacy and Debate Movement” has been implemented with the support of Gulbene municipality.

Liene Baranovska,
Public relations specialist of Gulbene district library