Erasmus + inspires!

The seminars offered in the framework of Erasmus Plus projects have so far mostly focused on improving the skills of employees of educational institutions and non-governmental organizations in their daily work with youth, but more recently representatives of various cultural sectors have been able to participate in the projects.

This opportunity was used by the Gulbene Regional Library by applying for the announced seminar “Shadow the culture” supported by Erasmus + Youth in Action. The group of project participants was made up of 15 people (30 different countries had the opportunity to participate), where Latvia was represented by 3. I was very honored to be included among those who went to the Polish city of Serock to participate in an informal educational seminar for 5 days. We shared experiences, gained cooperation partners and created ideas for international projects. The training was attended by participants representing museums, libraries, art and music schools and non-governmental organizations.

The Erasmus Plus seminar "Shadow the culture" took place in an informal setting, where each participant was asked to step out of their comfort zone, allowing the process to reach a surprising destination. To be honest, I also questioned for a while the use of 'play' and non-formal education methods for such serious purposes. I was surprised by what happened on the 4th day of the seminar, when the project ideas came on a flat surface, and not just one! Like a puzzle, all the tasks came together, creating a common picture - clear, bright, understandable to everyone.

On the first day of my return, I invited the young people to a meeting at the library, where I presented my idea to volunteer with Elise Balmabrouk and Julia Marraud during the summer. Applying the non-formal learning methods learned in the training, every week (since June 13 this year) we meet to improve our English conversation skills (board games (known and created by us), outdoor activities - challenges with tasks, discussions, etc.).

The library is a place to meet people with common interests, concerns and everyday issues. I invite everyone who has any creative, unusual and interesting ideas to contact us so that we can implement them together! For those young people who want to spend their time fully, improving their English language skills in an informal environment, I invite you to follow our page Funglish (Facebook), because the times of activities are not expected, we will publish them shortly before the upcoming event!

See you at Gulbene County Library!

Ieva Brūniņa
Gulbene district libraries
chief librarian - expert