Identifying lost industries

We thank the residents of the county for their interest and responsiveness during this summer time to review photos and other materials related to their working life and to take the time to meet former colleagues, sink together and share their memories.

Within the framework of this project, in April and May, we invited the former employees of the Gulbene Brewery and Bakery to a meeting in an informal atmosphere in the reading room of the Library Local History. At the events, we looked at the press reports of that time about the activities of these companies. The former employees shared their memories. Looking at older and not so old photos, stories of memories gradually appeared, remembering the experience of work and excursions, once again living together both amusing and serious events. We were all the winners of the events - the former colleagues were very happy to see you again, while the collection of the Local History Reading Room was supplemented by materials (photos, labels, awards, workbooks and other documents) that we will use to create digital exhibitions.

On May 11, representatives of the Free Riga Association visited the library , who first got acquainted with Gulbene's industrial heritage, shared their experience, telling and showing about the revitalization of Riga's empty buildings, cooperating with building owners and representatives of creative industries, creating useful and public spaces, e.g. concert halls, exhibition halls and other event facilities. Representatives of Free Riga found out the thoughts and opinions of Gulbene residents, expressing a wish to meet again in the autumn to discuss possible cooperation in more detail. See photo from the event here .

A meeting with Jānis Mertens, a representative of the Kuldīga Restoration Center, is scheduled for June 7 . We invite you to attend a lecture on preserving the authenticity of cultural and historical heritage, historical traditions and skills, as well as educating the population and changing attitudes, observing and participating in the window puttying / restoration process. Everyone is welcome, because each of us has something to do with the historical heritage. Those who live in historic buildings and are interested in preserving their authenticity are especially welcome.

In the summer, we will continue to process the obtained information and materials, supplementing the library's digital collection with new acquisitions. We are still waiting for stories about Gulbene brewery, bakery, 16th workshop of the production technical association “Alfa”, 4th workshop of the production company “Straume”, workshop of the production association “Daiļrade”, as well as business evidence of that time. Apply on the 3rd floor of the Gulbene Regional Library in the Regional Research Reading Room, tel .: 64471460, e-mail:

Inese Kalēja,
Chief Librarian of Gulbene County Library