The third stop of the "Green Choices" talk cycle "A cleaner environment"

On a daily basis, we rarely wonder what planet future generations will live on. However, we are responsible for that. Responsibility is not rocket science, everyone can learn it by changing habits. For example, did you know that 80% of all waste is plastic?

When shopping, it is so convenient to put each product in a plastic bag or plastic package. However, the decomposition of plastics into waste takes at least a hundred or several hundred years. Plastics threaten ecosystems, fish, birds, animals and ourselves. Scientists have calculated that a person can eat as many plastic microparticles as a credit card a week. The plastic contains bisphenol, which is harmful to humans and causes tumors. In addition, we know that plastics are obtained from oil, which is a non-renewable natural resource.

So how to shop responsibly? First, remember that less is more. The reckless buy goes to waste. Second, more support for local producers of seasonal food. Don't buy things we can avoid, like air fresheners, too many chemical cleaners. Ask the seller for eco-friendly packaging in the store. Motivate thinking for others as well. Take your weighed fabric bags to the store. Store products in environmentally and human-friendly packaging, such as wax cans, on a daily basis. In addition, it is not at all difficult to make these items - shopping bags - wax boxes, which everyone was able to see at the event organized by the Europe Direct information center in Gulbene on 19 October. Many thanks to Laura Treimane from the association "Zerowaste Latvija" and Imelda Podiņa from the association "Tapa" for the event!

Photos from the event HERE .

Indra Logina,
Gulbene County Library