Tirzmaliete (1876-1942), writer

Writer Tirzmaliete (real name Minna Dzelzkalne)

Tirzmaliete was born on June 23, 1876 in Tirza Parish School. Her parents - teacher and long-term administrator of Tirza Parish School Andrievs Dzelzkalns and his wife Anna Dzelzkalne, b. Three.

"I was born on June 11, 1876, in the old style. My childhood has had a dreamy beauty like a meadow with flowers on Midsummer's Day. One of my fondest memories is when the whole family walked along the flowering bay of the Tirza River to the Tirza Cemetery on Mount Kancán on summer Sundays. These were indescribable feelings that I will never really be able to portray, because the lexicon of our words is poor to express the wonderful chatter of the soul. Like alder, the gold of the afternoon sun has passed over the bridge over the river Tirza! [..] ”(Treijs, Normunds. Tirzmaliete. Seeing the world in a drop of dew ... 2020)

With the retirement of his father in 1911, the family moved from Tirza to Lejasciems in the spring of 1912.

The life of Tirzmaliete and, consequently, his work can be divided into two major periods - the Tirza and Lejasciems periods.

We often recognize Tirzmalieti only after the lyrics of the song “I will sing for you, the land of my fathers”, which is one of the most circulated Latvian poems. But her literary contributions are poems, stories, novels, biographical reflections, plays, lyrics, correspondence. Publications of her works can be found in about 300 different editions.

Gulbene County Library offers readers books compiled by Normunds Treija, which reflect the life and work of Tirzmaliete, including the latest books - “Tirzmaliete. Glow in the glow of the stars ... ”and“ Tirzmaliete. When poenias bloom ... ”

Readings of Tirzmaliete's poetry, memory story and satirical short story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxR6AcIJYBA&list=PLBygq1AcqCfdoTMoILzssIi8FGvLdxvlU

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Pictured: writer Tirzmaliete. Photo from the collection of Gulbene district library.