Gulbene County Library project “Her Story” has been completed

Gulbene County Library project “Her Story” has been completed

On November 24, writer Sabīne Košeļeva visited Gulbene. At Gulbene Secondary School, a conversation took place for 2nd grade students about the hero of Sabīne's book - cucumber Elmārs, who sighed that he looked different from other cucumbers. However, at the end of the book, he made friends because he knew how to forgive those who had been grumbling about him. The kids each painted their own cucumbers, and they were completely different today! The writer received these drawings as a gift that was so sincere and heartfelt. The children also learned how to write a real book.

The author shared how her stories were made with an adult audience in the library of Beļava Parish. A conversation about her novel "Riga-Moscow. A Love Story of the 21st Century" and the collection of stories "Ministry of Loneliness" took place here. Both of her works were nominated for the Latvian Literature of the Year Award and are like a breath of fresh air in Latvian literature. Sabīne Košeļeva works on a daily basis as a news creator on the Internet portal "Delfi", but when what she has experienced, seen and heard in life "breaks out", her stories are created - truly, sometimes harshly, but honestly, inviting the reader to think and live her memories or similar experience stories of people close to you.

Thus, the project “Her Story” supported by the State Cultural Capital Fund has ended. It was face-to-face conversations that were so valuable in this time of digital communication!

As part of the project, readers got to know four young writers who have made their brilliant debuts in Latvian literature mainly as storytellers: Daci Vīganti, Vineta Trimalniece, Laura Vinogradova and Sabīne Košeļeva. A total of 8 meetings were held for different audiences in Gulbene district library, Gulbene pre-school educational institution, Gulbene district secondary school, Stradu parish Stak library, Lejasciems parish library and Beļava parish library.

Thanks to both the writers and our loyal readers for these fulfilled conversations!

Indra Logina, Gulbene County Library