"Everything is the way" with Harry Stradins from Aluksne

Creativity, wisdom and permission to be different. This could be said about Harijs Stradiņš, a master of natural wood processing from Alūksne, who visited the library of Gulbene region on the evening of February 22.

"Life is like a playground. The more serious you are, the more determined you are. We value ourselves and others. We need to be freer, more attentive and more understanding," says Harry.

A seemingly unnecessary thing, an old tree, a branch near Harry becomes unique. Each of his creations - an object of art, interior or furniture - has its own story. When creating an object, the first thing to think about is the person who will own it. "My job is to merge physics with lyrics," Harry jokes.

Thanks to Harry for sharing his wonderful stories, for his openness and also for the practical advice his brothers appreciated.

Indra Logina,
Gulbene County Library