Gulbene region annual award in culture

The life of culture and libraries goes hand in hand and our work has not gone unnoticed!

The event " Gulbene Region Annual Award in Culture " honored the events and personalities of cultural life in 2017 and 2018.

In the nomination "The best cultural event / project / exhibition / concert / edition of the region" among the nominees was the Gulbene region affiliation game "Threads", which was organized by the Gulbene region library.

Anda Ješkina, the head of the Ranka Parish Library, was among the nominees in the nomination "Debut in Culture".

In the nomination "Librarian of the Year", Daiga Apsīte , Head of Druviena Parish Library, Kristīne Mezīte , Head of Dauksti Parish Library , and Inga Caunīte, Chief Librarian of Gulbene County Library Reading Room, were among the nominees. Inga Caunīte was recognized as the librarian of the year. Hello!