In February, children are very active!

The new year has gained momentum. Activities in Gulbene Children's Library are in full swing! We are pleased that the children's library is an active center where students, parents and young people can spend their free time meaningfully and learn something new and unknown.

In February we offer activities for different ages.

4-8 year old children are offered the reading promotion program "Our Small Library" of the publishing house "Liels un mazs". The project will last until May 2019 and we have invited all Gulbene kindergarten preparation groups to participate in it. The aim of "Our Small Library" is to stimulate children's interest in literature and illustration, as well as to encourage children to engage in various creative activities. Six books will be read during the project. Each child has already received a workbook with creative activities that take place in kindergartens. After reading the book, each group comes to the children's library, where the children work on the tasks prepared by the librarian. So far, three great lessons have taken place and we hope that both the children and the educators are happy with what has happened.

The school of little sages of Runch Brisi has also started this year for young children, which is the already known start of Books. We invite children from three to four years of age to participate with their parents. This year the classes will take place once a month and will last until May. The first lesson took place on January 26. Together with the tomcat, we read books, sang a bit, laughed a lot and were active.

The third cycle of events that I would especially like to mention is a competition / game for teams of friendly children "Find in Gulbene". This competition is held in honor of Gulbene's birthday, which is in February. This time students from 1st to 9th grade are invited to participate. The first round of the game started on February 11 and is currently in full swing. A total of 10 teams have applied, but you can still participate in the game now if you have forgotten about it or not noticed. This time we want the students to look at today's Gulbene and notice something that may not have been noticed before. We have also addressed three municipal institutions of Gulbene region, which have responded and some of the tasks will have to be performed in these institutions. Thanks to the head of the Culture Center Egons Kliesmets and his team, also to the Chief of the Gulbene Municipal Police Mārtiņš Didrihson - Linards and the inspector Kristīne Saulīte, as well as to the head of the Gulbene State Joint Municipal Customer Service Center Evija Silauniece for the team. The second round of the game will take place in Gulbene district library.

This month, we invite students to the 4th grade for literary lessons about Margarita Stārast . The artist and fairy tale author would have 105 years left this month.

A certain novelty is the library lessons “Tenteris Library” started this month, where students from 3rd to 5th grade are invited to get to know the library in a slightly more unconventional way - using their smartphones and a QR code reader.

We are waiting for both large and small readers in the children's library of Gulbene region!

Solvita Lībere
Head of Gulbene Children's Library