Linda Riņķe visits the library

At a time when the Christmas mood is disappearing and the New Year's morning is fast approaching, on December 27, writer, traveler and artist Linda Riņķe visited the Gulbene County Library to tell about the adventures of her 3rd book “How the Sprint Came Home”.

Sharing the moments and impressions gained while traveling the world, Linda radiated energy, courage to face new challenges and a desire to experience every day in her life.

New Zealand was a significant stop on Linda's road, where her intersections with Serhio, now Linda's husband. The journey was measured hand in hand - New Zealand sheep "ate the mountains", experienced the modern breath of Singapore, the cost of Malaysia, the Thai canals with expensive reptiles, unforgettable impressions of Cambodia's rich culture, and experienced a traditional Indian wedding. Despite the many difficulties associated with a small budget when traveling, not always comfortable beds, as well as a variety of emotional experiences, Linda is able to focus on achieving her goals and gaining positive emotions.

Linda currently spends most of her daily life in Spain, but Latvia is still a place to return to feel her homeland, people, her warmth and hugs. Linda is our countryman, from whom it is worth learning the ability to accept different things, adapt to situations and not stop at the conveniences accumulated during her life, but experience something new.

Photo from the event HERE .

Liene Baranovska,
Gulbene district libraries
public relations specialist