Meeting with writer Agnes Vanags

In August, Gulbene County Library started implementing the project “Nature (T) Breath in the Library”. The aim of the project is to acquaint children and young people and other interested people with books written by Latvian writers about nature , encouraging the acceptance of reading as a meaningful activity on a daily basis; encouraging the practical application of the knowledge gained on nature protection. Meetings have already taken place with nature researcher Māris Olts, ornithologist Viesturs Ķerus, children's book authors and illustrators Linda Kukari-Aldersonis and animal connoisseur Ingmārs Līdaks. 24.11. 4th grade students of Gulbene Secondary School will meet with writer Agnes Vanags. This will be the fifth, closing meeting of the project.

Agnese Vanaga is a mother of three, an author of children's books and a green lifestyle enthusiast. She has studied financial management and philology at the University of Latvia and has worked as a journalist for several years. She is the author of the children's books "Plastic Hooligans" and "Plastic Hooligans. Friend is Missing ”, which are at the top of the best-selling books. The books show the reckless behavior of adults towards the environment and the true determination of children to change it!

"Well-being comes from a single sentence. I try to enjoy the process. If it is written well, if it is a good idea that is written down, it is a feeling of satisfaction that colors the whole day in a positive and nice way, ”admits Agnese.

The cycle of events “Nature (T) breath in the library” is supported by VKKF.