Today is the birthday of actor Uldis Anžem!

Today is the birthday of actor Uldis Anžem!

Uldis Anže was born on August 2, 1971 in Gulbene. Graduated from Gulbene Secondary School No. 1. Playing theater in high school gave an impetus to the way forward - on the way to Riga, to the Faculty of Culture and Art of the Latvian Academy of Music, which he graduated from in 1993.

Acting actor at the National Theater since 1993. An artistically attractive, musically gifted, plastically expressive and deeply sensitive artist. "... he is an actor who can play noble heroes, sensitive lovers, intellectual seekers of the meaning of life, naive idealists, charming and frightening villains - realistically, conditionally, narrating and embodying."

In 1996, Uldis Anže won the title of the best young actor of the year. In 2017 he was awarded the Order of the Three Stars.

The most important performances and roles: “Mourning suits Electricity” (1997, Orin), “Profitable place” (2003, Vasily Nikolayevich Zhadov), “Who is afraid of the wolf” (2004, Nick), “Nora” (2005, Rank), “The Kiss of Judah” (2008, Lord Alfred Douglass (Bozy)), “The Story of Adam” (2011, Adam), “Earth and Love” (2012, Indrek Pass), “Fire and Night” (2015, Bear Bear), Gints ”(2016, Pērs Gints).

Congratulations to the locals!


In the pictures: Uldis Anže and the National Theater actors' ensemble "Greizais ratiņš" in 1999, giving a concert at Gulbene Stadium.

Pictures from the Gulbene Regional Library Local History Collection.