Exploratory expedition in Beļava parish

Exploratory expedition in Beļava parish

As part of the project “Cognitive Expeditions” , on July 17 , the Gulbene Regional Library invites you to go on an expedition to Beļava Parish.

Together with Edži Vējiņš, a local history enthusiast, we will explore various topics and see many places. Why does Belava play such a special role in the formation of the Latvian state? How is the history of this parish revealed through the story of one ancient family? What does Latvia's only cross-oak say about the pagan tradition of carving crosses? Why is Belava part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site? Where did the eccentric artist Barefoot Irbīte walk here? Where did the lake castle in Lisas sink? Where to see the almost extinct witnesses of craft skills - decorative wall stencils? How to search, measure and care for big trees? What features does the post-industrial heritage give this place?

Check out at 10.00 from Gulbene district library. Gulbene return around noon. 5.30pm Due to epidemiological conditions, the number of seats on the bus will be limited, so we recommend using your own transport if possible.

In accordance with the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, the measure is intended for vaccinated or Covid-19 patients. Please bring supporting documents, including an identity document.

Apply by July 14, by writing to sanita.jurkane@gulbenesbiblioteka.lv or by calling 64471460. Please indicate the participant's name, surname and telephone number.

During the expedition, all security measures in force in the country at that time will be observed.

The project “Exploratory Expeditions” has received support in the cultural project competition “Vidzeme Culture Program 2021 supported by the State Forest and State Cultural Capital Fund” announced by the Vidzeme Planning Region.