Ingmārs Līdaka

In August, Gulbene County Library started implementing the project “Nature (T) Breath in the Library”. The aim of the project is to acquaint children and young people and other interested people with books about nature written by Latvian writers, encouraging the acceptance of reading as a meaningful activity on a daily basis; encouraging the practical application of the knowledge gained on nature protection. Meetings have already taken place with nature researcher Māris Olts, ornithologist Viesturs Ķerus and children's book authors and illustrators Linda Kukari-Aldersonis. 14.10. 3rd grade students of Gulbene Secondary School will meet with Ingmārs Līdaks, a natural researcher and education methodologist at the Riga National Zoo.

Ingmārs Līdaka is known to many students and other interested people for his nature programs for students, as well as for discussions about what needs and can be done in nature and what is better not to even try. In his interviews, Ingmar talks a lot about the importance of the zoo in environmental education - “a person comes out of the zoo smarter, because the zoo is full of various information stands, there are various events where children and adults are educated. Zoos exist and will only exist where they can prove their worth. There are two directions to this utility: environmental education and the conservation of endangered species. " - says Ingmārs Līdaka. In turn, the author writes about the fact that every Latvian homestead is a zoo in his book "Zoo in my yard".
The cycle of events “Nature (T) breath in the library” is supported by VKKF.