The game "Threads" continues

Within the framework of the Latvian State Centennial, the Gulbene Region Library with the support of the State Culture Capital Fund is organizing the Gulbene Region affiliation game “Threads” . You can participate in the game and complete tasks from May 21 to August 19.

Briefly about the game - these are 100 tasks that lead through the entire Gulbene region (7 in each parish and 9 cities), introducing the cultural and historical places, buildings, events, natural objects and counties of Gulbene city and 13 parishes.

To participate in the game, you need to register in any county library - city or parish - and receive a Guide with tasks. You can perform tasks in the order you want. Teams that have sent a photo with at least three parishes or two parishes and city puzzles will be judged . The rules of the game can be found here .

Currently, 48 teams and 3 individual players are already involved in the game "Threads" - a total of 187 participants, including 62 children. Most teams have registered in Gulbene district library (15), Stāmeriena parish library (4), Lejasciems parish library (4), Litene parish library (4) and Stradu parish library (4).

An insight into some of the most interesting tasks to give you an idea of the game. The team "Birds" has liked the Kārtene lookout tower the most so far, the original seemed to be a secret in Kalniena, but finding the Rožkalns Ragana stone is not one of the easiest tasks. The attitude of the Galgauskas librarian is especially gratifying, giving instructions on how to find the church. I also really liked the task in Litene, where the name of the alley has to be solved. Entering the territory of Ušuri peat bog, an impressive view has opened, and the well-kept recreation place Līgo has also delighted.

We are waiting for answers, questions and suggestions until August 21. In the autumn we will hold a Closing Event at Vecgulbene Manor, where we will share our impressions of what we experienced during the game. Let's listen to the story of historians about lesser-known or familiar events, people or cultural-historical places. The most successful participants will receive prizes, for which we thank the supporters - meadow golf course "Siltie", Ltd. "Tavai un manas veselība", horse farm "PURENES" and others.

We are waiting for everyone interested on the 3rd floor of Gulbene district library or in any library of Gulbene parish!

Have an exciting summer exploring the county!

Inese Kalēja
Chief Librarian of Gulbene County Library