Europe Day "Global Goals for the Local Community"

On Europe Day, May 9, the Gulbene Regional Library opened a global library - a repository of global educational resources, as well as a traveling exhibition with 17 photos of sustainable development goals from around the world and Gulbene, Latvia, inviting everyone to think and compare common values such as food, clean water, energy, natural resources, in different countries and here with us. We don't even think about such self-evident and global things on a daily basis, but the facts are dramatic. For example, the UN has estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than there will be fish …. The exhibition was created by Agneta Bordāne within the framework of the project “Global Goals in the Local Community” and will be on view in the Gulbene County Library throughout May, but then it will travel further around the county.

The global library is a resource for global education topics such as responsible consumption, health, lifelong learning, gender equality, renewable energy, etc. The library is accessible to everyone, but will be especially useful for pupils, students, educators, including pre-school, non-governmental, youth organizations, families with kids. Pupils' scientific research works are also available here, for which special thanks to Tirza Primary School! We also encourage other schools to respond and share students' research on global education topics. We have also compiled various online resources, which are available to everyone on the Gulbene County Library website, in the section “Databases and e-resources”

The event was followed by two exciting stories - from the head of the Latvian Fund for Nature Ģirts Strazdiņš on a research trip to the island of Sumatra in Indonesia to explore the impact of oil plantations on nature in the world, and from Re: TV journalist Iveta Auniņa about the land of contrast also about the everyday food that comes from this land, as well as the great story of Ghanaian baskets. The participants of the event shared their thoughts on how they see their environment around them and what I as an individual could do.

Representatives of Gulbene municipality, teachers, interested parties took part in the event, the event was led by Inga Belousa from the association "Green Freedom". The event was organized by the Europe Direct Information Center in Gulbene in cooperation with Gulbene Municipality.

Indra Logina,
Gulbene County Library