Meeting with Jānis Mertens, restorer-consultant of Kuldīga Restoration Center

As part of the project “Lost Industry”, on June 7, the Gulbene Regional Library held a meeting with the restorer of the Kuldiga Restoration Center - consultant Jānis Mertens. We are pleased with the responsiveness and interest shown by the residents of Gulbene.

In the first part of the event, J. Mertens told about the operation of the Kuldīga Restoration Center, architectural and cultural heritage in Kuldīga, showing examples and telling about the cooperation between the municipality and the residents in preserving this heritage. After getting acquainted with Gulbene's cultural and historical heritage and visiting the Gulbene Regional History and Art Museum, Jānis Mertens shared his impressions, emphasizing the value and potential of two Gulbene historical buildings - the station and the Vecgulbene manor neighborhood - wishing to show initiative in In the opinion of J. Merten, both the station and the vicinity of Vecgulbene manor could play an important role in the development of Gulbene.

In the second part of the event, we went to the yard, where in a kind of open-air workshop, those interested could participate in the window puttying process - learn, see and feel the tools and materials of restoration work, try hand puttying. J. Mertens gave advice on when and how best to restore windows, doors and other wooden elements, where the materials can be found, what are the advantages of natural materials and the conditions of use.

We have gained insight into the operation of the Kuldiga Restoration Center, supplemented our knowledge and gained inspiration to look at our old windows and “slums” in a different light.

The “Guide for the Restoration of Historic Buildings” prepared by the Kuldiga Restoration Center is available to anyone interested here .
Photo from the event here .

The Gulbene County Library project “Lost Industries” is supported by the SCCF.

Herta and Inese
Gulbene County Library