Seminar "Critical Thinking and Media"

In the seminar on media and critical thinking, we learned to recognize the goals of the media, to assess the quality of content, to reveal half-truths and misinformation in the media. It takes more time and energy to discover misinformation than it takes to create it. That is why certain skills are needed - critical thinking. It is very important to distinguish between opinions and facts.

What needs to be done to maintain free communication, freedom of expression and reduce misinformation? Quality information must be provided!

Critical thinking requires curiosity, openness of mind, knowledge, critical attitude towards oneself. It means thinking independently, testing and evaluating assumptions, eliminating redundancies, not overlapping and simplifying. Critical thinking is a clear and honest mind training.

Thanks to the participants and RSA associate professor, Dean of the Faculty of Communication Anda Rožukalne. Event photo here .

Indra Logina,
Chief librarian - expert of Gulbene district library