Inspiration for the librarian's daily work

On February 5, the second lesson of the SCCF project “Creativity and Innovations in Library Work” “Development of Library Services for Low-Income and Vulnerable Groups” took place. The lesson was led by psychologist Gita Neilande.

During the lesson, the lecturer helped the participants to understand how to work with different groups in society in their daily work, how to understand and manage their emotions and how to improve their communication skills. The lecturer showed different ways to overcome communication difficulties to avoid unwanted situations. Participants had the opportunity to discuss various life situations that have occurred in the library, as well as to work in groups and deal with these situations.

The class was attended by 48 librarians from Gulbene, Balvi, Alūksne and Madona counties. 2 more lessons are planned in the project. Participants still acknowledge that they would prefer face-to-face classes, but online classes also have their advantages, such as the opportunity to meet colleagues without leaving your workplace, saving time and doing more.

Rūta Bokta
Gulbene district libraries
Head of a regional training center