Librarians also study remotely

At the end of 2020, the SCCF project “Creativity and Innovation in Library Work” was approved. The project included 4 master classes on current topics for librarians. At the time of writing, it was planned that all classes would take place in person, but as the time for the activities approached, the previous plan had to be changed and the classes organized remotely.

On December 4, Mara Jēkabsone's class "Representation of Library Interests" took place, which was attended by 58 participants from Gulbene, Madona, Balvi and Alūksne counties. Despite the fact that the lesson was held remotely, the amount of information obtained was large. The teacher had also prepared practical lessons that made the learning process more exciting.
For several participants, this was the first time participating in remote professional development classes, so the day before M. Jēkabsone's classes, a trial took place, when everyone who wanted to could try the Webex platform.

The project is planned for 3 more lessons in January, February and March. If necessary, we will be able to implement at least one of the classes remotely, but we continue to hope that the situation in the world and in Latvia will improve so that 2 classes can be implemented in person. Participants admit that they would prefer to listen to this lesson in person, as it is easier to understand the lecturer and the information he / she provides.
In general, it must be acknowledged that this time requires flexibility and adaptation, and it is safe to say that librarians have no problem with it, as they still take part in various trainings and organize various activities themselves at a distance.

Rūta Bokta
Gulbene district libraries
Head of the regional training center