The first episode of the series "BĻ * 1"

Within the framework of the concept of “Yard Panic” *, a series of programs “BĻ * ONE” (“BĻ * 1”) has been created, the first episode of which is already available to viewers!

"Shout!" - A shout that has become popular most often in awkward situations and when something is out of frame or completely wrong. We also successfully replace the Slavic jargon with it, because sometimes situations tend to be so saturated with emotions that it is very necessary to bend hard. For such occasions, about the boundaries set by the mind, the comfort zone, getting out of it, the struggle with stereotypes, worries and fears is the program “BĻ * 1”, which focuses on young and inspiring people in Gulbene region.

The 21st century is a time of rapid change: technology and various trends have taken over our daily lives; values, perceptions and perceptions of the human world are taking on new forms. In this whirlwind of events, processes and change, it is undeniably important not to get lost, so our minds often set different boundaries and walls. We build beliefs based on societal stereotypes, we are afraid to step out of our comfort zone, we are afraid that people will look at us differently if we allow ourselves to be ourselves. What happens when we let our daily bubble burst? The show is looking for answers.

The first episode

Available here:

The first basketball player, coach Artūrs Brūniņš, will be the first to visit the program “BĻ * 1”, who will take the “Courtyard Panic” team to the Šķieneri gym - a place where Artūrs' childhood memories and first steps in the vast world of basketball are stored. At the pink "Courtyard Panic" table, there is a conversation about childhood memories, basketball, making money, decisive decisions, adversity and brilliant moments, which are above all else. Within the framework of the show, Artūrs has to challenge himself - he has to break down the boundary set by his mind, get out of the comfort zone, let him look at himself differently. So that BUL * ONE is real and from the heart!

From now on, a new episode will be shown monthly on "Yard Panic" on Youtube and Instagram TV.

* "Yard Panic" is a youthful concept of events and activities developed in the summer of 2020, which expands borders, breaks stagnant stereotypes, talks about the current world in the changing world and reveals the various formats of cultural events.