Historically important issues in a modern way

The Third Awakening and related historical aspects are an essential part of every Latvian. In order to talk about the Third Awakening in a personal, interesting and understandable way, in 2019 the Gulbene Regional Library created and in 2020 implemented the project “Windy Day”. During this year we have met with such personalities as Dainis Īvāns, Madara Dišlere, Guntars Godiņš, Aivars Kļavis, Asnate Smeltere, Uldis Rudaks, Elita Veidemane and Raimonds Vazdika. We have created and seen exhibitions related to the experience of the Third Awakening, both politically and culturally and personally. The most important insights that have permeated the project and the era in which we still live and continue to live are related to the elusive taste of freedom we are experiencing today. From the idea of a free Latvia to gaining freedom, a thorny path has been experienced in every industry. What freedom do we see today? It is different for everyone. It has given one the opportunity to express their views, the other to travel freely, and for others it has given them the confidence and motivation to pursue their goals.

Despite the different feelings and emotions that have prevailed this year, the activities of "Windy Day" have been realized, concluding them with the online erudition game "Third Awakening". 13 teams took part in the game, proving themselves to be erudite and agile in a fierce and exciting fight. The teams had to prove their dexterity by maneuvering between virtual challenges both on the computer and on the phone. The game of erudition was a challenge not only for the players, but also for the creators and implementers of the game - the staff of the Gulbene district library. The most successful team trio in the overall rating: 1st place “Two in one”, 2nd place “From Gulbene”, 3rd place “Lauris without guests”. Thanks not only to the winning teams, but also to the other 10 teams who were not afraid and actively participated in the game.

See you in the next erudition challenges!

The project "Windy Day" is implemented with the support of the target program of the State Cultural Capital Fund "Latvia - 100".

Liene Baranovska,
Gulbene district libraries
public relations specialist