Vineta Trimalniece

On September 14, the residents of Lejasciems and Gulbene had the opportunity to meet a young, sincere writer Vinetas Trimalniece, who, following her call, had worked in a care center for the elderly for some time and “felt at home” because they were captivated and moved to the heart. The stories were created one after the other without realization, and in the end there were so many that they were collected in the collection of stories "Filled". During the conversation, we felt Vineta's true love and faith in people, which can also be felt by reading stories. They are painful and do not leave anyone indifferent. Closing the pages of a book is definitely a matter of reflection and a desire to take a deeper breath, so as not to forget to live today, here and now!

The cycle of conversations "Her Story" is implemented with the support of the State Culture Capital Foundation