On July 23, to the county member Eizen Rauhvarger - 95

Translator E. Rauhvargers also visited the Gulbene County Library, met with readers in 1980 and on October 19, 2001, at the presentation of his books "From War to Come" and "To Have a Brighter Language".

He has participated in the work of the Translators 'Section of the Writers' Union since 1951, and has been the chairman of the section for nine years. Translated from Russian and German. He has translated the works of A. Pushkin, O. Markov, M. Bulgakov, J. Tinyanov, L. Leonov, M. Zoschenko, D. Grain, V. Pikulis, M. Lermontov and I. Yefremov.

E. Rauhvargers has compiled a selection of aphorisms and ballads, published a peculiar collection of miniatures, and has also been a diligent collector of the lexical riches of the Latvian language. Pseudonym - Dāvis Galviņš.

“..Where will the power come from, where will the people who will be able and willing to determine the level of mastery of Latvian-translated fiction come? Who will help in this regard? One thing is clear: only a person who has a deep and complete understanding of the work and who really has encyclopedic knowledge can criticize translations, but not in this general field, but in this particular field of literature. ”
Flag, no. 10 (1. 10. 1980)

Some aphorisms of E. Rauhvarger:
For some, the greatest happiness - a full bowl of porridge. But fortunately so: eating with spoons.

If you have nothing to show, you better not say, "I'll show you!"

Great as a twelve-storey house. But what if the elevator breaks down?