Digital Week is over

From March 22 to 27, Digital Week took place all over Latvia and beyond. This is the 12th year that such a large event is being organized.

Within the Digital Week, 5 different events for different population groups took place in the Gulbene County Library. A lesson for librarians on How to Reach Readers in a Remote Age: Online Examples, Tips and Tools was held on Tuesday. The lesson was led by Augusts Zilberts, Public Relations Manager of the National Library of Latvia, and 86 participants took part in the lesson. Swedbank's seminar "Financial Security in the Digital Environment" was also held on Tuesday.

On the third day of the week, more emphasis was placed on the youth audience, as the Digital Literacy class took place. The lesson was led by Anita Priede from the Latvian Safer Internet Center. Both young people and adults have once again had the opportunity to see how careless people tend to use social networks and what mistakes Internet users make every day by entrusting their personal data to various websites.

On Thursday, the lesson "First Steps in the Construction Information System" was organized. The session was led by Rasa Atauga from the State Construction Control Bureau and during it the participants had the opportunity to learn more about the use of the Construction Information System (BIS).

On Friday, Annija Graustiņa's lesson "Preparation of Digital Environment Visualizations" took place, during which the participants gained more insight into the creation of posters and infographics, as well as learned more about the platform "Canva".

The activities of the digital week took place not only in the library of Gulbene region, but also in the libraries of the parishes of the region. In total, 371 people from different regions of Latvia participated in the Digital Week activities organized by Gulbene County Libraries in 2021. Despite the fact that all the activities of the Digital Week were organized remotely this year, the participants admit that they have gained valuable knowledge and skills, but they would prefer face-to-face activities.

Rūta Bokta,
Gulbene County Library