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    Information on librarians' seminars, training; news in the library industry.

  • Professional development

    Professional development

    In order to successfully serve their readers, librarians have the opportunity to attend various conferences, learn new skills in seminars and training courses. Here is the professional development of librarians - the offer of training courses and seminars, professional resources and professional literature.

  • What's new in publishing?

    What's new in publishing?

    Bulletin compiled by the Institute of Bibliography of the Latvian National Library, List of members of the Latvian Association of Publishers, database of members of the Latvian Association of Publishers, Virja AK, SIA, Latvian publishing house, Jumava publishing house, Publishing house publishing house, Book e-shop "Janus", Book e-shop.

  • After work...

    After work...

    When the working day is over, librarians also have their own leisure time, their own hobbies ...