“Christmas Jam 2”

Answers and questions for the 1st round of the Gulbene County Library quiz “Christmas Jam 2”.

  1. J. Zvirgzdiņš's book "The First Christmas Tree" is a story about the moment when the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree was established in Riga for the first time. The story in the book is not only in Latvian, but in two other ones - name them!  (The correct answer is in Russian and English. The correct answer is also given by those who wrote in German, as this book has also been translated into this language. The book is in Russian and English at the Gulbene Children's Library.)

  2. Name the author of this illustration and the name of the book! If you also write the name of the main character of the book, then the bonus is one point! (If you don't know - ask your parents or grandparents!)
    (Correct answer - Margarita Stāraste “Winter Tale”, the name of the main character Kraukšķītis)


3.Which of the Christmas books has this bookmark pictured? Name the author and title of the book! (Correct answer - Inese Paklone "Christmas saw")


        4. What is the title of the book in the picture? (Correct answer "Christmas Pig")


5. Complete the four lines of Laimonis Vāczemnieks' poem "Winter Sleep"!

When grits in white nitrogen

The little Christmas tree is asleep,

Quiet, so quiet, silent

Bunny ………

(Correct answer - carrot gnaw)


6. The little dragon Coconut goes to visit Santa Claus with his girlfriend Matilda. Inscriptions by what means of transport did they get there? (Correct answer - with a balloon)


7. A Latvian feature film has been made based on the story of Agnese Zapere's book "Cīrulīši". What is this feature film called? (Correct answer - Christmas jam)


8. Peter Brewer's collection of Christmas poems "We are here around the Christmas tree" contains a poem "The First Snowflakes", which describes the path of snowflakes to the earth. Replace the dots with the given missing verbs - fall, sit, fall, turn, search. (Correct sequence of verbs - rotates, sits, searches, falls, falls)


9. Put the letters in the correct order and you will see the title of a popular Christmas book and movie! (Correct answer - How Grinch stole Christmas)


10. Remember the three words hidden in the pictures! (Articles in the answer: Answer 1, Answer 2, Answer 3)

(Correct answer - Snowman, gingerbread, old man)