Seed library!

Every seed grown in our garden has value! All the more so if it is derived from a variety that has lived here for decades.

At the beginning of spring, when the fingers of each gardener start to itch, how much they want to start rustling in the backyard garden or at least sow something in a pot on the windowsill, another library has been established in the Gulbene district library premises (2nd floor subscription). The library invites readers to exchange flowers and vegetables with their own collection.

In the future, you will be able to recommend not only interesting, engaging reading material to others, but also share the seeds of delicious vegetables or beautiful flowers grown in your garden.

Everything is very simple: bring your own collected vegetable or flower seeds to the library, put them in a specially prepared envelope, with information about the plant, such as where the seeds came from, when they should be sown, when the harvest or flowers are expected, and other important instructions , which could be useful for the new seed owner. Then we invite you to change - you can pick up as many envelopes as you put in the locker.

The library cannot guarantee what will grow or something will benefit - it is up to everyone who tries to grow something on their own. In addition, anyone who will use the seed library should be prepared for some good surprises. However, the library relies on its readers to critically assess the suitability of the seeds and their germination before placing them in the library locker.