“Jēkaba citāti”.

Gulbene County Library starts the new year with a book opening event. 7.01. at At 5.30 pm in the children's library we welcome everyone who wants to know what "Jēkaba citāti" is. The inspirer of the book is definitely Jēkabs - a nice boy, who likes to philosophize and ask catchy questions to his mother. And it's the mom who decided to put it all together and create a booklet that can help everyone start, talk or answer their child's questions.

Mom Ieva Johansson says:

“What is this booklet?

Every day, children ask their parents questions. Communication is important for a child to develop and find answers to what is important. In order to become a member of society, he needs explanations about the regularities of relations, about the existing socio-economic systems and processes.

Parents themselves often lack vision and opinion on various topics. But the most important thing parents can give their children is an equal conversation, an explanation, a joint search for answers. The child feels co-responsible for the norms and "laws" created in the family and is easier to identify himself as part of the world. Moms and dads are still students in "life school." Thanks to the fact that children grow up with their natural interest, curiosity, parents have the opportunity to rethink their values ​​and highlight the most important ones in the family.

Jēkabs came into the world in 2011, and every day with him is like a new time of growth, discovery, small steps of learning. A miracle grows in our family, which also has two big sisters. A human miracle that, as we began to communicate words, was part of our family's knowledge.

I am a simple mother, Ieva, who loves her children as much as she can, and I am still learning to listen, understand, and support them. For about 8 years, I wrote down Jēkaba thoughts, statements, quotes, which made me think more deeply, smile a lot and thank you a lot.


And Jēkabs is an ordinary (but for my mother - phenomenal) boy, who is already 10 years old. Well, he reads his own quotes and smiles about them.

We hope this booklet is an inspiration for conversations of love, new knowledge and miracles. ”

Apply by writing an e-mail: solvita.libere@gulbenesbiblioteka.lv, calling 64473266

The event takes place in a safe - green area.