Dzintra Žvagiņas photo exhibition "AIZLOGA".

The photo exhibition "AIZLOGA" by Dzintra Žvagiņa from Jelgava can be seen in the library of Gulbene region from 10.01.2022 to 05.02.2022. A series of photographs about the time of Covid-19 was taken in Jelgava, in 2020, when a state of emergency was declared in Latvia, borders were closed, people began to distance themselves and isolated themselves in their homes and apartments. The windows were like a place of communication, people were watching what was going on outside, but the photographer was recording what was going on behind them. Windows were what unite and at the same time separate. In total, Dzintra immortalized 85 window stories, 208 people, 19 cats, 12 dogs, rabbits, pigeons and horses. The exhibition features 35 stories.