Poet Lily Ouza - 120

Poet Lily Ouza - 120

Representative of romantic poetry Lilija Auza, real name Lolija Lūse, was born on December 11, 1900 in "Salinieki" of Aduliena parish. His father was a tailor, a great bookkeeper and singer, participated in public life, was an actor and a member of the parish court. Mother - the complete opposite of father. Quiet, reserved and closed.

L.Auza studied at Aduliena Parish School, Madona Secondary School and Latvian Youth Union Gymnasium in Rīga, after graduation she lived in her father's home, rarely in Rīga.

L.Auza is the author of the collection of poems "Wind Melodies" (1931), "Shining Land" (1936), "Sun Wreath" (1939), "Golden Smoke" (1944). Her poetry is characterized by romantic feelings and optimism, dominated by nature and love lyrics. He has written about 20 plays and sketches for the youth "Blossoming Rye" (1939). After the war he published some poems in periodicals.

Aduliene remembers Lily Ouz with respect, admiring her strong spirit, ability not to talk about her illness - childhood stroke, her optimism.

I feel the wings forever -
The wings are so white and light,
Wings like summer laughter,
Run in the bluish wind!
(from the collection of poems "Shining Land", 1936)

An exhibition dedicated to the life and work of the poet is on the 3rd floor of the Gulbene Regional Library.

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