Gulbene County Library hosts exhibition of paintings "Radi creates"

From November 2 to 30, an exhibition of paintings "Radi creates" will be on display at the Gulbene County Library. The exhibition brings together 3 artists with related ties - Ilvija and Gerda Juškevičas and Ģirts Jogurs.

Ilvija - in 2006 she graduated from the Latgale branch of the Latvian Academy of Arts, painting department. He continues to connect his life with art - he paints, participates in exhibitions, plein airs, works in the field of art. He also paints wall and ceiling paintings.

Gerda - studies painting at Janis Rozentāls Art School. Already as a student, he actively paints, participates in exhibitions and plein airs.

Ģirts - in 1999 he graduated from the Latgale branch of the Latvian Academy of Arts, department of graphics. Everyday he mostly paints and draws cartoons. Participates in exhibitions, plein airs.

Ilvija and Gerda Juškevičas - MOTHER AND DAUGHTER. With similar sources of inspiration, a worldview. But at the same time, everyone has their own handwriting in painting. Gerda's paintings are more expressive and colorful, while Ilvija is characterized by a softer range of colors and manner of painting. Nature and man serve as a source of inspiration for both, so these are the main themes to be depicted in the works.

Ilvija and Gerda like to be in nature, watching the play of light and shadow and the subtle tonality of colors. For the second year in a row, exhibitions have been created together.

Ģirts Jogurs - ILVIJAS 'SISTER'S MAN, GERDA'S AID'S MAN. With a different painting style, bright color tones as a source of inspiration for choosing fantastic images and scenes. Artists are united not only by "being relatives", but also by love of art.