The Third Awakening and Music

October 8 at Within 11.00, within the framework of the project “Windy Day”, a meeting for high school students with music critic and journalist Uldis Rudaks will take place at Gulbene Secondary School. At 19.00 DJ Uldis Rudaks will have a themed party in the mood of the 80's in the disco hall of the Awakening Time for adults in the disco hall of Gulbene Culture Center.

Uldis Rudaks is a Latvian music journalist and critic, radio host and DJ. "Lightning on the Bottom" is an author's program by Uldis Rudaks, which looks at the best albums that have been released since the beginnings of long-playing vinyl records in Latvia in the late 1960s to the present day. U.Rudaks is well known in the domestic music community, he has published an ambitious book on the history of Latvian rock music "Rokupācija". This book is a testimony of what you have seen, heard, felt, experienced, lost, and dreamed of. This is an unusual history of Latvian rock music - a message through the experience of a person involved in it.

The number of places in the awakening disco is limited, please apply in advance by phone 64474825 or e-mail!

The meeting took place within the framework of the project “Windy Day”, where we gather witnesses of the Third Awakening to talk about historical events in an interesting, personal, everyday, real way, explaining political peripetics also through art and culture.

The project “Windy Day” is implemented with the support of the target program of the State Culture Capital Fund “Latvia - 100”.

Information prepared by:
Liene Baranovska,
Gulbene district libraries
public relations specialist