A trip with poets in Gulbene

Start on September 11 at 16.00 at the Gulbene district library.

1. 16.15 Chimney - Inese Tirzīte
2. 16.30 Backyard - July in Ruce
3.16.50 The crossroads of the future - Jade Will
4.17.05 Garages - Ligija Purinaša
5.17.20 Gardens - Daina Sirmā
6.17.35 Locator hill - Marts Pujāts
7.17.55 Stadium - Maris Salējs, free microphone

On September 11, for the third time, the Gulbene Regional Library invites to the “Journey with Poets in Gulbene” within the framework of Poetry Days, this time along the trails of the Future Massif.

Poets will take part in the trip: Inese Tirzīte, Liepa Rūce, Jeid Will, Ligija Purinaša, Daina Sirmā, Marts Pujāts, Māris Salējs , there will be a free megaphone for poetry readings.

The approximate duration of the event is 2.5 hours.

The idea for such a Poetry Days event 17 years ago came to the poet Erika Bērziņa. "The idea of the Journey with Poets project is quite simple - poets, taken off their glass hill, go for a walk with poetry lovers [...] and read poetry at specific points marked on the map. It is a common poetic adventure. ” E.Bērziņa says about the trip. A trip with poets will also take place this year in Riga, on September 12, at 12.00 in the vicinity of Zasulauka.

Free membership.

The event is organized by Gulbene County Library, supported by VKKF.

The event will comply with all current national safety regulations.
Photos will be taken during the event.

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