Exhibition "My years do not apply to me"

In order to celebrate the significant anniversary of Juris Cālītis, a pastor, assistant professor at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Latvia, and the founder of the Zvannieku mājas, the creative team of the exhibition reviewed 240 publications on Juris Cālītis' thoughts on various topics. In parallel with the bibliography in the classical sense, a bibliography of thoughts and cognitions was created, which materialized in the exhibition.

In the course of the work, four capacious themes crystallized - life, man, faith and love, which allowed to group the grains of thought. A total of 99 citations were selected, which are reflected not only on the tablets, but also in bookmarks, which allow visitors to take part of the exhibition with them.

In 2015, Dr.theol. Juris Cālītis received the title "European Man of the Year in Latvia".

"Juris is a man with immeasurable human love in his heart, which he shares with us - his fellow human beings. It is good to realize that such a person with a BIG HEART is among us. It's a great sense of security. "

The creator of the exhibition, Agra Blūma, a librarian at the Library of the University of Latvia, admits that the work with the publications of Juris Cālītis provided inspiration, comfort and joy, which the visitors of the exhibition wish.

The exhibition can be viewed at the Gulbene County Library from August 28 to September 28.

Indra Logina
Gulbene County Library