New section - book of the week!

17-30, 2020 In August, for a period of two weeks, the annual campaign “One Day in the Life of the Library” or “LibdayLV” organized by the Young Specialists Section (JSS) of the Latvian Librarians Association (LBB) takes place. The idea is borrowed from the project “Library Day in the Life” by the American librarian Bobbi Newman, it will take place in Latvia for the tenth time, and it is very popular with librarians. Gulbene County Library is also an active participant in this campaign every year!

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the campaign, participants have to perform an additional task - to prepare a short review of the publication or its part (for example, a book or its chapter, a magazine or its article, publication, film, etc.) related to the following topic:

  • libraries, their role;
  • technological solutions, innovative services;
  • librarian profession, image;
  • professional information for librarians;
  • truthfulness, abundance of information, etc. etc. problems;
  • book publishing;
  • reading, love of books.

Our choice was unequivocal - the book "Something Good!" By our former colleague and countryman Iveta Krūmiņa.

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