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Донна Фоли Мабри "Мод. Откровенная история одной семьи"
"The history of this book is very unusual: when the author approached the publishers, she was rejected. Then Donna Mabri published a manuscript on the Internet, which was a resounding success in a short time. Real life, without embellishments and fiction, a real woman's way of life in America In the first half of the 20th century.
The author's grandmother attracts the fashion narrator with a cruel direct description of the daily routine and details of life. An ordinary biography of a woman of that time: a girl-orphan marries very early, gives birth to a child, becomes a widow. This is the beginning of life, there are many difficulties ahead. Another marriage that can't be considered happy, two world wars, the "Spanish" flu epidemic, the Great Depression. Fashion gave birth to several children, not all of whom he could fall in love with.
The book tells about mistakes that cannot be corrected and about a woman's ability to endure any blows of fate. I recommend it to read to EVERY woman, the book literally makes you feel what life was like 100 years ago. Unfortunately, for now, the book is only available to readers in English and Russian. "
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