Photo contest "By bike with a friend!"

Photo contest "By bike with a friend!"


Organizer of the competition: Europe Direct in Gulbene and Alūksne in cooperation with Gulbene County Library and Alūksne City Library.

The aim of the competition: to popularize examples of good practice and to promote the placement of high-quality bicycle parking places in public places and the development of bicycle culture in Gulbene and Alūksne counties.

Deadline : 9 September to 22 September 2021 (inclusive)

Contest participants: anyone interested, no age limit

Competition process:

  1. The participant of the photo competition takes two photos in their city or parish, which best serve as a good example of a cyclist-friendly solution: a bicycle parking lot, a bicycle lane or a bicycle maintenance facility.
  2. Send two photos and information to the specified emails or WhatApp with the following information:
    • Sender's name, surname, contact phone number
    • The location of the photo object;
    • Please also give a short answer to the question: what should be improved in your city / parish to make them more cyclist-friendly?

The photo must be submitted to the competition from 9 to 22 September (inclusive) by sending:

  • to one of the e-mails: (objects in Gulbene region); (for objects in Aluksne region) OR
  • on WhatsApp: 29279773 (Gulbene); 25664421 (Aluksne)

  1. Evaluation and awarding of the event

The winners of the competition will be determined by lot. There will also be prizes for the institution / company / organization / apartment house, which will be the most photographed in Gulbene and Alūksne counties!

The organizers have the right to publish the submitted photos to ensure the publicity of the event. Photos submitted for the competition will be published on social networks:

ℹ️ More information: t.64471335 or by e-mail:

Here is a methodical material about bicycle parking places: