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When arranging the local history collection of the Gulbene County Library, a written older case from the life of the library was found.

A visitor to the library, a gentleman over the years, asked his neighbor why he was not going to the library. Neighbor replied:
"Take off your hat in the library and everyone will see that I don't have hair."

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People from O. Kalpaka 60a say:
"Good neighbors are a great value. In the Jaunanna parish of the neighboring region, the youth club Tikšķis has created a nature trail" Beaver Kingdom ". The trail is 1 km long, it stretches along the bank of the Pededze River .…/marsruti/jaunannas-dabas-taka/ "

Make sure you get acquainted with the well-groomed nature trails and parks here - in Gulbene region!,taka,parks/
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Of course, don't forget that
❗️Only 2 people are allowed outside the home during the emergency.
❗️A distance of two meters must also be observed. The distance of two meters must be observed everywhere - in the shop, at work and also in the forest.
❗️The exception is for members of the same family living together.

Reflections as an anecdote from Gulbene district library subscription:

"My personal common sense recipe: don't read or watch news programs as much as possible. It's just enough to have the crumbs of news that your friends and acquaintances say, 'Horror!'"

However, in order to keep abreast of what is happening in the country, as well as to know how to act in various life situations at the moment, we recommend reading reliable media, such as Latvijas Radio , Latvijas Televīzija , LSM (Latvian Television and Latvian Radio portal).

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