Various press offers in the library

We will take care of you, dear readers, this year we have diversified the offer of press publications.

For the first time in the library, the edition of the Latvian Medical Association "Ā" is available. In addition to purely medical topics, the magazine also tells about healthy eating, the role of movement in maintaining human health, and the history of medicine.

This year we have again subscribed to the magazines "Mystery" and "OK!" Getting to know yourself, the world of emotions and feelings, psychotherapy - all about it in the magazine "Mystery"; in the lifestyle magazine OK! ”- interviews with famous people in Latvia and the world, style and fashion news, some culinary recommendations and, of course, horoscopes.

New business magazine "Forbes" is available at . In the monthly issue you can read about various sectors of the economy, international companies. 60% of the magazine's content will be Latvian business news, comments and reviews, 40% will be Forbes US editorial materials.

We can also offer several news to teachers, pre-school educators, parents, as well as students - both electronically and in printed form.

In the e-magazine “Skolas Vārds” you can read analytical articles on current educational issues, materials on teachers' experience, articles on lifelong learning, further education and opportunities for professional development.

E-magazine “School Psychology” talks about the emotional environment and relationships at school, communication and communication between teachers, students and parents. About children's behavior and teacher's work, self-knowledge, awareness and understanding.

We also remind you about e-magazines "Parents" and "Preschool". For possibilities to receive them by e-mail and use other offers - call: 64471335 or write to

If you haven't been our reader before, you have every chance to become one by coming to our library!

Indra Logina,
Gulbene County Library