Uses LURSOFT features

Database of companies registered in Latvia.

Extensive and legally valid database containing all companies, associations and enterprises, as well as foreign representations that are registered in Latvia. The database is constantly updated and is based on original documents from the Register of Enterprises.

The database details the owners (shareholders), officials and beneficial owners of each company - these are the natural persons who actually control the company. If one of the business owners also owns other companies, you can see the list of other companies there.

Opportunity to view the company's statement "For compliance with the requirements of the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism" (AML statement) . This certificate is available free of charge and is for each company.

It is also possible to obtain annual reports, balance sheet, profit and loss data, as well as other financial analysis data for each company. Using a multi-report, you can search for financial data over several years at once, thus displaying, for example, PZA in a single table. It is very transparent and the data is easy to compare.

The Commitment Graph is a tool that can be used to clearly reflect a person's influence and contribution to the business. It graphically depicts the relationship between the company and a particular person, the company's officials, the real beneficiaries, whether or not the company has commercial pledge and insolvency proceedings.

Document Search is a service that allows you to select a list of documents from several databases according to several parameters and view the documents in a scanned form (by downloading them). It is also possible to find out the necessary information about the suspension of business activities, as well as court hearings.

Company evaluation - it is an opportunity to find out how much the company is paying at the moment.

Representations of foreign companies - Database with all representations of foreign companies registered in Latvia. Here you can find out the owner of the foreign representative office, its legal data and representatives.

Checking the registration certificates - you can see if the company has a valid certificate when it was issued, if canceled - you can see when it was done.

LURSOFT also offers the European Business Register , as well as the business registers of Lithuanian and British companies, where, similarly to the database of companies registered in Latvia, information on companies registered in EU countries can be searched.

In addition to the already mentioned databases, Land Register and Cadastre data (data on real estate), CSDD database, newspaper library are also available. Here you can find full texts from various Latvian newspapers. They can be opened, read, and printed as needed.

LURSOFT databases are not just for entrepreneurs. It is also important for jobseekers to make sure that the company they are going to work for is trustworthy - that it has not been declared insolvent, how many employees they have, that annual reports are submitted regularly, and so on.

LURSOFT offers a Student Kit especially for students - access to Lursoft databases is provided for the needs of study work development. Student package fee - 7.11 EUR (incl. VAT). By activating the access, the customer is given the opportunity to receive the necessary information within a period of two months. The student can use this opportunity twice within a calendar year.

Within one approach, it is offered to make up to 100 requests for corporate financial data, information from the Insolvency and Commercial Pledge Registers, the Liability Graph, as well as statistical data.

It is the statistics that are available free of charge that can be very useful in the development of work for both students and senior students . These are statistics on entrepreneurship and indicators of the business environment. In this part you can see the dynamics of company registration by regions and cities of Latvia, the largest companies, investors and in which companies a particular investor invests his capital.