"World of Dolls"

Evita Zālīte works as a visual arts teacher at Gulbene Secondary School, runs doll sewing workshops.

She has acquired the skill of sewing dolls through self-study, gradually improving it for more than 20 years. Evita dolls have been seen in more than 50 exhibitions throughout Latvia.

Evita studied at the Art School, but sewed the first doll while studying at the Ape Vocational School. She also studied at Rēzekne Secondary School of Applied Arts and Bērzgale School of Crafts.

Evita always thinks that dolls have an expressive face, eyes. "Eyes are a mirror of our soul ... that's why I sew beautiful eyes, a mouthful, nipples for my dolls. Boys - ears to be different from girls,"

says Evita Zālīte. When the doll is ready, I find a name for it, mostly the one on the calendar. Of course, the doll's name can also be invented by the customer.