Gulbene County Library implements the project “Nature (T) breath in the library”

Gulbene County Library implements the project “Nature (T) breath in the library”

In the project “Nature (T) Breath in the Library” currently implemented by the Gulbene County Library, children's book writers who write about nature protection were invited to come to the meeting; also natural scientists, biologists, ornithologists, who would create interest in nature and its protection in children with interesting and exciting stories, including books on nature and natural events, respectively

On August 12, the project activities will start and two meetings will take place with Māris Olts , a naturalist, biologist and owner of a new cultural site - Ērgļi Station. Together with children, the surrounding nature is observed - birds, insects, plants, questions are answered - both fun and funny about nature and people in nature. The meeting takes place at Gulbene 3 PII with the children of the preparation group.

On September 19, two meetings with an ornithologist, a forest defender and the author of the book “Meža meitene Maija” Viesturs Ķerus will take place at Gulbene Secondary School. During the meeting, they talk about making a book, about birds and the work of an ornithologist.

Writer and peasant Linda Kukare Aldersone will meet with students in the two third grades of Gulbene Secondary School on September 30. The author tells about herself, about her books, about how she started writing. Pupils are also introduced to autumn vegetables and at the end of the lesson there is an opportunity to hold two small rabbits.

One of the most exciting meetings on October 14 was with Ingmārs Līdaks , a naturalist and employee of the Zoo. He talked about what was happening in the yard of his house - about birds, about animals. The narration is complemented by the videos you have taken. Children are introduced to the book "Zoo in My Yard". At the end of the class, the videos filmed at the Riga Zoo, which show lion cubs and other animals, will be enchanting.

We hope that the meeting with Agnese Vanaga will take place in person on November 23. The writer has two well-known books - "Plastic Hooligans" and "Plastic Hooligans. The friend is missing ”- the author. The books show the reckless behavior of adults towards the environment and the true determination of children to change it!

In the books of these authors, children find a lot of necessary and useful information, by reading these books, children will better understand nature, protect it, as well as learn about the richness of our birds, animals and plants.