In exploratory expeditions - for three years. Digital exhibitions.

In exploratory expeditions - for three years. Digital exhibitions.

Continuing to explore the natural and cultural heritage of the region, for three years - in 2019, 2020 and 2021 - the Gulbene Regional Library has organized exploratory expeditions in the Gulbene Region. We have covered almost the whole county - there are still four parishes left, which we will go to next year.

How does this happen and what do we do on expeditions?

In preparation for each expedition, objects and places are identified. In cooperation with the heads of parish libraries, expedition routes are developed, creating maps with attractions. An expedition leader is invited to each expedition - an expert in history, architecture, art, geography or another field. Local cultural, tourism and business people, as well as local research enthusiasts, are involved in the development of the routes. And then, of course, the participants of the expedition apply, who are not only the residents of our region. So far, participants from Variņi, Sigulda, Dobele and Riga have also taken part in the expeditions. We are especially happy when children and young people get to know the cultural and historical heritage of the county.

During the expeditions, we see what has not been seen before, we look at the cultural and historical environment in the area from a different point of view than everyday. We gain insight and inspiration on how to inhabit and use cultural and historical buildings, how to combine the ancient with the modern.

We find out what life has been like in this area in the past, we try to find out the special stories of each place, as well as we meet and get to know active people in Gulbene region and we simply spend our free time meaningfully!

In 2019 we were in Druviena, Galgauskas and Litene parishes, in 2020 - we explored Gulbene parks, Ranka and Jaungulbene parishes, as well as the Kalniena side of Stāmeriena parish. This year we went to Beļava, Stradu and Lejasciems parishes.

We offer an insight into the course of all three-year expeditions on the website of Gulbene County Library in the section County -> Digital Exhibitions. We invite you to use the already developed expedition routes when going hiking with family and children!

The projects “Exploratory Expeditions in Gulbene Region” and “Exploratory Expeditions 2020” have been supported by the State Cultural Capital Fund. The project “Exploratory Expeditions” has received support in the cultural project competition “Vidzeme Culture Program 2021 supported by the State Forest and State Cultural Capital Fund” announced by the Vidzeme Planning Region.

Inese Kalēja,

Gulbene County Library

Pictures from expeditions in Druviena, Stāmeriena and Jaungulbene parishes.