Gulbene region is again the Champion of Loud Reading

Throughout the years, the students of Gulbene region have been quite active loud readers and have been involved in loud reading activities. The aim of the competition is to improve children's skills to choose suitable, interesting literature, to stimulate interest in reading and books, to unite children in joint reading activities, as well as to promote reading pleasure. The competition takes place at the beginning of the classroom, then at the school, and only then does the regional final take place, in which the best reader is chosen.

This year, the regional finals of Gulbene region took place in mid-May. As in the previous year, this year the students submitted their video readings, which were seriously evaluated by the jury. We received 14 video readings from four schools - Gulbene Secondary School, Lizuma and Lejasciems Secondary School and Tirza Primary School. After a rather unanimous vote of the jury, the winner was Normunds Ērglis from Lizums Secondary School, who read Dz. An excerpt from Tilak's book "Summer of Good Pranks". The members of the jury believed that Normunds is excellent at telling about the choice of a book, has a clear, natural intonation and reads at an appropriate pace, is able to emotionally captivate the audience, has chosen a fragment of the book to arouse the audience's interest. Markuss Kovrigins and Elza Gāgane, students of Gulbene Secondary School, remained in second and third place. All award-winning students will receive books and small commemorative prizes.

As every year, also this year, on September 25, in Riga, in the Ziedonis Hall of the LNL, the final of the National Loud Reading Competition will take place, in which the best loud readers of each region of Latvia will participate. Your favorite book will be read in front of a serious jury and its supporters. Gulbene region is really satisfied, because last year, in 2020, the winner was Annija Ilyenko from Gulbene. Annija will go to Riga in September to encourage this year's participants from the regions of Latvia and also Gulbene.

This year, Normunds will go to Riga with his supporters. We very much hope that the whole Normund class will be able to join the supporters' group this year. Many thanks to Normunds family and teachers for preparing for the Reading Competition! Thanks to the members of this year's jury - Edīte Siķķēna, Antras Sprudzāne, Valtis Krauklis, Ilvita Kļaviņa and Guntis Princovs!

Solvita Lībere

Head of Gulbene Children's Library

More about the competition:

The National Reading Competition is supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation, the National Library of Latvia, the Latvian Council for Children and Youth Literature, local libraries, schools and bookstores. SIA "Jānis Roze" and publishing house "Zvaigzne ABC" provide a generous number of gift cards for the state finalists. Latvian municipalities, teachers, librarians - curators of regional competitions and parents of children are also among the helpers.